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Dolphin Connection Ingleside On The Bay, Texas
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Foto Delfin
Dolphin Connection is a free dolphin educational facility owned and operated by Erv and Sonja Strong.
Over the last 20 years Erv and Sonja have come to know over 200 dolphins, many since birth.
Of these 95 are named, and identified by facial and dorsal fin identification.
Bild Delfin
Bild Delfin
After spending more time face to face with more free Bottlenose dolphins than anyone in history, one thing is clear:
Dolphins - captured or born in captivity must be kept in nature, anything less is simply cruel and inhumane.
Foto Delfin
Thanks! But no tanks!
Richard O'Barry, who captured and trained the dolphins that played "Flipper" said, "Flipper was the best and worst thing that ever happened to dolphins.
On one hand it made the masses aware of them, and on the other, it created an image of them that made people desire to have, hold and be with them.
What turned me around on the captivity issue was when Flipper die in my arms inside a cold, chlorinated, steel tank at Miami Sea Aquarium.
I must tell you. I believe it was suicide."
Guard an Angel

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